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Pump & Fan Packaging Services

We offer support from the enquiry phase, through to the manufacturing phase till final testing and site commission.

Pump application and selection

Driver and transmission sizing / selection

Controller design and selection

Design of process flow and instrument /control diagram

Auxiliary equipment selection and sizing

Skid layout and design

Checking of contractual specifications to ensure full conformance

Ensure timely delivery of equipment for package assembly

Expedite and coordinate drawings submission and revision

Supervise and coordinate skid, tank, piping fabrication

Supervise and coordinate package assembly and testing

Production scheduling and control

Prepare as-built drawings and compile final vendor data and instructions

Supervise site installation and commissioning


Spare Parts Sales and Repair Services

The following disciplines / functions are involved:

Supervision of pump & fan installation and commission

Supply of new spare parts for pump & fan

Supply of new spare parts for motor & engine

Supply of mechanical seal replacements

Repair of electrical motor & diesel driven engine

Upgrade and replacement of motor & engine


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