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Goulds 3500XD Medium Consistency Pumping Technology

Product Description

Medium Consistency Pump Systems


  • Complete system of pump, valves, standpipe and controls
  • Pulp consistency to 16% bone dry.
  • Capacity to 2200 tons per day
  • Direct drive design
  • Patented air separation system
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Improved efficiency

Design Features

High Efficiency

  • Lower power requirements
  • X-Ducer design can permit upgrades with minimal investment

Simplicity of Design

  • Proven reliability
  • Familiar to operating and maintenance personnel due to design – components and methods similar to conventional centrifugal pumps
  • When required, maintenance is easy to perform

Superior Reliability and Flexibility of External Vacuum Pump Degas System

  • X-Ducer design further simplifies the degas system for consistency ranges up to 10-11% by not requiring a vacuum pump
  • Easy to maintain external vacuum pump
  • Avoids assembly techniques needed to achieve close clearances for proper internal degas operation
  • Same back pull-out assembly regardless of type of degas system

Control Scheme

  • Simple level or flow control scheme when required
  • Readily adapted to variable speed operation
  • Effective response to  process changes and upsets

Continued New Technology and Development

  • X-Ducer design allows for operation up to 10-11% consistency without a vacuum pump
  • Higher TDH generation with X-Ducer design
  • New size now available for higher production rates and high head requirements such as O2Delignification Reactor Feed service
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