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Custom Fans

One size doesn’t fit all and for greatest efficiency and best performance our fans are custom designed to the application.

Halifax Fan, like every fan manufacturer, has a number of standard ranges, from small to large, providing for various volume and  pressure ratios, whatever is needed for the fan application.  But these are merely basic templates upon which to engineer and build a custom product to meet exactly the customers’ requirements.  This is why every fan that leaves Halifax’s Fan factories in the UK and China, is a high efficiency custom built unit, designed to meet the needs of the application, manufactured from the right materials and offering high reliability and optimum efficiency and at a competitive price.

At the heart of this philosophy is an extensive and ongoing investment in design and manufacturing technology.  Halifax employs the latest computer aided design software to ensure the designs translate accurately from the computer screen to the factory floor.  Inventor® 3D CAD software  enables Halifax to work closely with the customer, producing 3D simulation models that can be worked on together to give additional benefits, whether it’s a one-off cost saving or life-time energy savings.

Whether it’s a single fan for a project or fans to be batch produced for an OEM, the same applies – the customer gets a perfect fit for the job.

Off-the-shelf fans may be readily available but will they fulfil their purpose efficiently and reliably?  A fan that’s too small won’t do the job at all.  The next standard size up may be more than big enough for the job but at what cost over the life of that fan.  The excess energy costs alone may double or triple the life-time costs of that fan.

The correct solution is a custom designed fan, the specification generated by working closely with the customer.  It must be built from the right materials for long life and reliability and its power consumption should be as close to the needs of the application as possible.

A Halifax Fan gives Quality – Reliability – Efficiency.  These only come from a fan custom designed and built for the application.

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