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Goulds 3620 i-FRAME API 610 Single-Stage, Between-Bearing, Radially Split Pump

Product Description

Goulds Model 3620 i-FRAME between-bearings radially spilt process pumps are designed for smooth, reliable operation and fully meet the specifications requirements of ISO 13709/API-610 to assure extended service life.


  • Capacities to 20,000 GPM (4540 m3/h)
  • Heads to 1500 feet (455m)
  • Temperatures to 850° F (455° C)
  • Pressures to 1000 PSIG (70 Bar)

Design Features

  • Robust Bearing Housings – Cast and machined out of ASTM A216 Grade WCB carbon steel
  • Condition Monitoring – Standard with i-ALERT®2 monitoring devices
  • Distinctive Cooling Fins– CFD/FEA optimized pattern to aid in heat dissipation
  • Industry-firstRenewable Cartridge Filter Assembly – Safeguard the bearing oil from particle contamination and help prolong bearing life
  • Centerline Mounted– For high temperature services
  • Large Shaft Diameter– For low shaft deflection and stable rotor dynamic performance
  • Radially Split Design– Dependable casing sealing for high temperature process applications
  • Rugged Mounting Flanges– Designed to meet API-610 nozzle load requirements
  • Between Bearings Design– Improved rotor stability at high flows and speeds
  • Double Suction Impeller– Reduced NPSH R at high flows and speeds
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