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Goulds 5150/VJC Vertical Cantilever Bottom Suction Pumps

Product Description

Bottom suction vertical cantilever pumps for pumping abrasive slurries.


  • Capacities to 8000 GPM
    (1817 m3/h)
  • Heads to 260 feet (79 m)
  • Temperatures to 200° F (93° C)
  • Pit Depths to 11 feet (3.4m)
  • Solids to 3 7/8inches (98 mm)

Design Features

  • Cantilever Design:No submerged bearings.
  • External impeller adjustment:Maintains pump efficiency and performance.
  • Dual Volute Casing:Eliminates radial unbalance; reduces wear.
  • Materials of Construction:Available in a wide range of corrosive / abrasive resistant alloys.
  • Heavy-Duty Bearings
  • Bottom Suction:Removes solids from sump floor.
  • Removable Suction Liner
  • Maximum Interchangeability
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